Thursday, October 4, 2007

Penn undergrads getting pissy...

UPennIt was that title or "People getting pissed off, Ben getting pissed on"

Anyway, from an article in last week's DP entitled "Red, Blue and Yellow", it was revealed that people are getting pissy when it comes to well, relieving themselves on the Ben on the Bench statue. I know.. this is pretty gross. I'm hoping this wasn't done in my day.

What do people have to say about this? You're about to find out...

Nathaniel Smith (Ph.D., Penn's Grad School of Education '00 / House Dean of Ware College House and Lecturer for the Graduate School of Education and the Critical Writing Program) has started a new web video series called "Question of the Week". This week Nathaniel has taken to Locust Walk and posed this issue to Penn students and other Philadelphians.

Click here for the video (Question of the Week: Episode 2)

Click here to check out Nathaniel's Episode 1

FYI, back in my day in the mid-90s this sort of thing happened with undergrads publically relieving themselves while they walked back to campus from Murphs on 44th and Spruce.

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