Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The 1957 Penn Promotional video you need to see!

We've seen other stellar Penn promotional videos in the past, but this one is truly classic as this 30 minute(!) video comes from 1957!
UPenn and University of Pennsylvania
At first I thought it was a prank where someone ran a viddy-like filter through a video, but as I got deeper into the video I realized it was the real deal! It even has that narrator's voice you'd think it would have. The biggest thing I've noticed was that the campus was much more green and lush --ivy growing on everything, huge trees on Locust Walk.

Check out some highlights of the video
  • 11:00 - the DP staff and offices
  • 11:38 - the lost tradition of freshmen wearing "dinks"!?
  • 17:30 - the Quad
  • 19:54 - Franklin Field
  • 18:56 - Mask and Wig!
  • 22:10 - Pre-football game activities

There's way too much goodness here...

Get transported back to 1957 after the jump!