Friday, February 3, 2012

Penn alum's journey from ER doctor to TV Staff Writer!

UPenn and Patrick Wilson and A Gifted Man and CBS and Zach Lutsky

For the last few years as a medical consultant on various shows Penn alum Zach Lutsky (C'96) has had the opportunity to write or re-write all the medical scenes in those shows.

After the jump find out how Zach has finally gone from a consultant to a full time writing staff member on "A Gifted Man"!

His first episode, "In Case of Blind Spots" airs tonight (Feb 3) at 8pm on CBS!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

What Penn's Homecoming looked like in 1967 (video)

upenn and quaker and homecomingHere's another blast from the past from someone who took a film during Penn's 1967 homecoming.

This audio challenged piece shows some students tailgating before the big Quakers vs. Harvard game on Franklin Field and then shows the game.

Be sure to check out some of what appears to be Spruce Street, the Penn Band and then wait for the 1967 Quaker at the end!

Hurrah, hurrah!


Monday, January 30, 2012

Penn alum crashes your party on "30 Rock"

UPenn and Carly Greenberg and WEtvOne of our favorite singer-song writer's music was recently featured on NBC's "30 Rock"!

After the jump check out Carly Greenberg's (C'05) song "CRASH YOUR PARTY" from the latest episode.

The song was featured in the celeb-packed parody trailer of "Martin Luther King Day - The Movie!" (parodied after THIS Penn alum's films).

More Carly here