Friday, October 14, 2011

Hold onto your socks!: His American Reunion Red Band Trailer

UPenn and Jon Hurwitz and American Pie and Harold and Kumar

Not only does his high-larious next Harold and Kumar movie debut in a couple of months, but we're now just getting a first glimpse of writer/director Jon Hurwitz's (W'00) take on the next installment of the American Pie franchise.

And it looks wrong, and funny!

After the jump, hold onto your socks and check out this NSFW trailer for his American Reunion movie!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This Penn alum directed Jane Lynch and Leonard Nimoy at the Emmys

UPenn and Kabir Akhtar and Jane Lynch and Leonard Nimoy and Emmys

You may have heard that Alec Baldwin backed out of the opening sequence for the opening of this year's Emmys last month and Leonard Nimoy stepped in last minute.

And Spock isn't the only one who helped reshape this opening scene days before the big event.

After the jump, get to know a Penn alum who was asked to step in last minute and direct this new opening scene ...and find out his path from Penn to Hollywood!