Friday, June 3, 2011

Get a 2 year writing deal with FOX like this Penn Alum

FOX and Family Album and Joe Port and UPenn
Recently, I reported that Penn alum Joe Port (C'97) and his writing partner Joe Wiseman had their TV pilot "Family Album" most likely scheduled for a mid season slot on Fox.

Now, more good news.  Yesterday it was announced that Fox has signed a two-year overall deal with them. (source)

Fantastic news, and the inspirational story here for DT readers is how the Joes got their start together.

For those of you looking to write and produce, after the jump read their story and take note!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Their Indian documentary is something magical

UPenn and Tomorrow We Disappear and Jim Goldblum and Adam Weber
Adam and Jim
A couple years ago I did a story on Jim Goldblum (C'07, 34th Street)'s virtual Katrina Yearbook which CNN said, of all the press coverage and all the documentaries, it was "one of the best of the best."

Jim has been working on a new compelling project with a fellow film editor Penn classmate, Adam Weber (C'06). They've teamed up to produce the feature documentary and interactive narrative, "Tomorrow We Disappear".

The project chronicles the Kathputli Colony, a tinsel slum that's been home to Delhi's acrobats, puppeteers, and magicians since the 1970s. Last year the government issued relocation permits to the colony residents; the slum is to be bulldozed, cleared for development.  Jim and Adam will capture the last remains of this culture born out of folk art and molded by poverty.

After the jump, see what great footage they've captured so far.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

10 juicy highlights from Penn's "Reality TV" Alumni panel

UPenn and Survivor and Project Runway and Vh1 and reality TV

A few weeks ago at the start of alumni weekend, Penn alumni working in reality TV from both sides of the camera came back to Penn to discuss what is "real" and what it takes to make it in the business.

The "Getting Real: From Campus to Camera" panel was moderated by Katherine Sender, Associate Professor at the Annenberg School for Communication. Panelists included:
  • Mark Cronin (ENG '86), writer and producer of "celebreality" shows such as "The Surreal Life" and "Flavor of Love"
  • Kristin Haskin Simms (C'93), contestant on the eighth season of "Project Runway"
  • Charlie Herschel (C'01), contestant on the seventeenth season of "Survivor"
  • Greg Goldman (C'96), producer of reality television shows such as "Don't Forget the Lyrics", "Secret Millionaire" and "Shaq's Big Challenge"
Overall the contestants on the panel discussed the application process, the submission videos they created, the psych tests they had to take, how closely the edited version was to real life, and recognition in the real world.

The real juice on the panel however came from the producers (especially Mark Cronin) including what they look for in a contestant (and their casting tape) and the true "manipulating" roles they serve as producers on the show.

After the jump, watch the video and check out 10 juicy highlights I've boiled down from the panel that you'll be interested in for sure!