Friday, August 6, 2010

YeayO'Douls: "It's what coke heads snort when they're not snorting coke" (NSFW VIDEO)

Matt Rittberg and Cocaine and UPenn and NSFW

There is only one thing more ridiculously funny than Matt Rittberg's (L'02) NSFW "Yeay O'Doul's" video you're about to see.

And that is the fact that apparently there was an ACTUAL PRODUCT like this on the market in the 80s called "Synth Coke".

Check out Matt's video and the horrendous 80's video after the jump!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Penn Alum Casting Director to Actors/Comics: Don't Fall Into THIS Trap! (VIDEO)

Lesley Wolff and casting director and UPenn

Recently, comic, producer and casting director Lesley Wolff (C'93, Bloomers), appeared on the Laughing Matters Panel at the SAG Foundation and was dishing out advice about what actors and comics should do with what they send to casting directors.

After the jump watch this clip where Lesley talks about a big trap actors and comics often fall into when sending their reels.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Glee and High School Musical Are Making This Penn Alum Actor Up His Game (VIDEO)

Alex Weber and UPenn and actor
Last fall, we started our "An Actor's Path" vlog series with Penn alum Alex Weber (C'09, Lacrosse). Throughout this year we're tracking Alex's journey as a new actor here in Hollywood.

Recently, Alex debuted the commercial he was in with some of his idols.

In this month's vlog episode, after the jump, Alex talks about:
  • what "special skills" he's developing now that will help him in his acting career
  • what he's doing with his downtime and the group he's now involved in

Monday, August 2, 2010

Her Lady Gaga Cover Going Viral (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga and Jill Goldberg and UPenn

Jill Goldberg (C'04, Dischord A Cappella, Penn Choir, Wind Ensemble) is one smart (and talented) musician.

 Jill got inspired by so many independent artists who got literally millions of views for their cover video song that she thought she'd jump on the bandwagon herself to help her promote her upcoming album.

After the jump check out Jill's great rendition of a popular Lady Gaga song!