Friday, October 16, 2009

My One Degree of Separation From Kevin Bacon (VIDEO)

Kevin Bacon
On Wednesday, while all decked out in my Penn hat and sweatshirt, I had the awesome opportunity of meeting the Bacon Brothers: Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael Bacon while I was in NY visiting the SoHo Esquire House!

As you'll see in the video above, Kevin and Michael told me that on December 5, the Philly native Bacon Brothers will be headlining a benefit concert at the Electric Factory in Philly to raise money for the Mummers to preserve the tradition of their annual parade.

At the event, the brothers will be singing 'New Year's Day,' a song they recorded along with 20+ Mummers.

Learn more about the Bacon Brother's Philly concert HERE

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Track This Actor's Los Angeles Path with Our New DT Vlog Series!

Alex Weber ActorMore help for Penn creative types from DT!

In DT's effort to document, archive and help out aspiring creative alumni, in addition to our "Tuesday Tips" series, we are beefing up our vlog series so you can get first hand accounts of tips and progress from our alumni out in the field.

In August we started an exclusive DT Vlog series from THESE 2 recent alumni living in Austin pursuing a music career.

And now, we have another new exclusive DT series from recent Penn alum Alex Weber (C'09, Lacrosse, ) pursuing an acting career here in Los Angeles...

Her Website Gives Aspiring Actors A Chance For Their Big Hollywood Break

HollywoodHere's a gem for our "Penn Performers" week...

Wanna win a trip to LA and meet with a Hollywood casting director, talent agent and headshot photographer? 

Thanks to a Penn alum, the chance is now yours!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

His Unique Los Angeles Stage Show Attracts Performances by Some Of Your Favorite Comedians

David Koff (C'91, Mask and Wig, Friars, DP) has been producing a show in Los Angeles so unique that it has attracted the talent of such actors as John Larroquette, Fred Willard, Jeff Garlin, Dean Cain, as well as "Kids in the Hall" actors Mark McKinney, Kevin McDonald, Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald to name a few...

Monday, October 12, 2009

This Real Life Doctor Is "Acting" as a Doctor on TV Again (VIDEOS)

Roy Vongtama
Did you catch doctor-turned-actor Roy Vongtama (C'96) on last Thursday's "Private Practice"? Yes, another alum associated with ABC/Disney.

Speaking of "Private Practice", remember when actress Kate Walsh came to Penn for the Obama campaign? (Videos HERE)

In last week's episode, Roy plays a top notch psychiatrist. Roy tells me that his part is potentially recurring so stay stay tuned!

On another note, Roy has just started his own production company called Resonant Entertainment and he filmed his first project that is currently being sent to film festivals all over the world, called Juche Rules. The film tells the story of an American reporter in dangerous North Korea who comes face to face with the imposing and strange culture which is the modern day reality of the besieged nation.

Check out the trailer below:

Penn Actors
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Let These Alumni Performers Entertain You All Week on DT!

Penn Actors
If it hasn't become apparent to you yet on DT, Penn alumni are hustling! This week I launch another new, on-going series dedicated to "Penn Performers". We're talking film, tv and stage actors.

This week, look out for what's happening with our alumni performers including:
  • tv and film appearances
  • a unique LA stage show pulling in all sorts of celebrities
  • a Hollywood contest that will fly you out to LA where you can win a walk-on role!
  • a new DT Vlog series dedicated to aspiring actors
  • stand-ups comedians
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