Friday, August 3, 2007

It's Back: PENNFEST 2007 (L.A.)!: Seeking Submissions (Films/Bands): DUE AUG. 24

Now in it's 6th year, I'm excited to announce Pennfest 2007! ...the Emerging Film and Live Music Showcase for Penn Alumni, Students & Faculty!

With the help of my committee, I created this event back in 2002 which celebrates undergrads and alumni who are "emerging". Each year, we plan a fantastic night where Los Angeles Penn alumni and friends enjoy live music performed by Penn Alumni and clips from selected films in which Penn Alumni/undergrads acted, directed or produced. ..It's also a great networking night!

Over the years, 20 bands and 80 films have been showcased in Pennfest!

Click here to view Pennfest programs from 2002-2006

Check out Pennfest pictures from 2002-2006

Support Pennfest: Advertise at Pennfest 2007

Visit to submit your film or band for consideration this year (or download the forms in the box below).

Submission Deadline: Friday, August 24, 2007*

*Due to the high volume of submissions, film and band entries cannot be guaranteed a slot in Pennfest.


When?: Wednesday, October 10, 7 pm

Where?: Cinespace in Hollywood

Ticket prices go up Tuesday, October 9, 2007
Penn Club Members: $10
Non-Penn Club Members: $15 ( click here to become a member)

Penn's 365 Dance Group gets their "sexy" on

Watching the 365 Dance Group makes me wonder why I never went to see a dance show at Penn. This group has got the moves.

The way this video was shot kind of reminds me of the show "Solid Gold" (in a good way). ...This video is leaps and bounds more professional compared to how video of performing arts shows (i.e. the Mask and Wig shows I was in) were shot and edited when I was at Penn.

Click here to watch 365 Dance Group get their groove on

Penn goes Chic!: Hotties on Campus

Okay, so I'm realizing more and more everyday that there are probably 500 groups/organizations (if not more) at Penn. ...This is a good thing. Everyone has a voice and an interest and it's great to see that manifest itself on campus.

On that note, have you heard of the Penn Fashion Group? Not sure whether these are actually Penn students, but they're hot and so are the clothes.

Click here to check out the Penn's Fashion Group's sizzling show.

Wharton undergrad Puneet Singh (W'08) prefers the spotlight

While I have been reporting much on Penn alumni doing lots of great things, unsuprisingly, there are already many accomplished undergrads making waves as well. Puneet Singh is one of those undergrads.

Although he is currently interning in banking at Goldman Sachs this summer, Wharton undergrad Puneet Singh (W'08, '08 Class President and Indian Dance Troupe Dhamaka member) has a yearning for the spotlight.

In addition to appearing on an episode of Law & Order, he has appeared numerous times on Comedy Central's Colbert Report, as Stephen Colbert's "Sikh friend". To round out this Wharton undergrad, Puneet performs stand-up focusing his act on his conservative upbringing as the child of Indian immigrants in Ohio.

Keep up the good work, Puneet!

Click here to check out Puneet's stand up

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Click here to see a performance from Puneet's Indian Dance Troupe, Dhamaka

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Who Knew...?

For my first installment of my "Who Knew" series....
Who Knew could have so much fun at Penn's Fine Arts Library?

Click here to watch Josh Brenner's (C'01) video

Moving to Los Angeles? Check out these apartments!

Click here to check out 2 new apartments that one of our alumni just posted about!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Banks Bonanza: Elizabeth Banks (C'96) hits Movies, TV and now the internet

From the big screen to the small screen to the now very small screen, Elizabeth Banks continues her media storm.

The latest entry is her appearance in a new web series for former "The State" group member David Wain, exclusively on called "Wainy Days".