Friday, April 20, 2007

Hey Day 2007!

class of 2008
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A bunch of pictures just posted from Hey Day 2007.

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Locust Walk: Saving the Squirrels...!?

While the mission to "save the squirrels" should not be overlooked, the great part of this video is checking out the campus... specifically Locust Walk, the shops on Walnut and a glimpse of the new "Cereality" store on campus.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Matt's Tips: Remembering people's names

For all those times you've referred to someone as "buddy", "dude" or "you", I found this great video on how to help you remember people's name.

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More Spring Flinging in the Quad

I never really partook in these types of activities during fling, but they always looked fun.

Soon, I'll be uploading some great photos from my fling days.

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Locust Walk Fiddling

Locust walk has it's fair share of entertainment...


Monday, April 16, 2007

Loren Mendell (C'95, Friars) debuts documentary: Bad Boys of Summer

Documentarian Loren Mendell (C'95, Friars) debuts his latest project, Bad Boys of Summer at the Newport Beach Film Festival next week. The film follows the inmate baseball team at San Quentin prison...where all games are played at home.

For more information about the film, click here

Loren has produced some great documentaries that have been featured in many of our Pennfest events, including Academy Award ® nominated live action short film Our Time Is Up. He is currently producing and directing a documentary for Frontline/World (PBS) about the recent oil spill in the Philippines. Loren’s work also includes series and specials for ABC, CBS, Discovery, CMT, VH1 and The History Channel.

Screening information below:

WHEN: Monday, April 23 @ 9:30pm
WHERE: Edwards Island Cinemas (Cox Screen)
999 Newport Center Dr
Newport Beach, California 92660
TICKETS: On sale for $10 at the box office or online

Video from Penn Psi Upsilon frat brothers on Food Network's "Dinner: Impossible"

6/8/07 Update: Click here to now watch the episode mentioned below!


An upcoming episode of the Food Network’s "Dinner: Impossible" will feature Psi Upsilon fraternity brothers from the University of Pennsylvania doing their part to create a feast for Penn President Amy Gutmann and distinguished guests?

This week’s episode is set in the Psi Upsilon fraternity house, a.k.a. The Castle, a 19th century stone building that overlooks College Green in the middle of Penn's campus. While its baronial living room is spacious enough for the president's dinner for 60, its tiny kitchen is in the basement, at the end of a long, dark hallway and has a broken dumb waiter and a gas stove with few working burners.

This episode is scheduled to air on the Food Network at 10:30 pm (EST), Wednesday, April 18. Check your local T.V. listings, as the half-hour show will be rebroadcast on the Food Network, throughout the month of April.

For more info check out this press release and the food network page.

Todd Shotz (C'96, Glee Club) named VP of Rifkin-Eberts production company

Todd Shotz (C'96, Glee Club) has been named Vice President of Television Development and Production of the newly formed production company, Rifkin-Eberts. (more info here)

Todd, a '96 classmate of mine and integral part of our annual Pennfest events continues to shine. If you think he's busy as new VP, Todd also owns his own Hebrew tutoring company called Hebrew Helpers! Talk about ambition!

Mazel Tov, Todd!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Things were Flingin': Mask and Wig's 14th annual nude bit

Mask and Wig closes fling this year with the group's 14th annual rendition of their much acclaimed "Nude" bit (written by Norm Golightly (W'94, Mask and Wig))

(Photo Credit: Alyson Kruger (facebook photos))

Yesterday's "LeeAnh" is today's "Dancing Traffic Cop"

Apparently there's a new on campus celebrity of sorts and his name is Officer Floyd.

According to dmittermaier1 on youtube, Officer Floyd, "spends most weekday mornings directing traffic at the intersection of 36th & Walnut. At every green light on Walnut, he choreographs a little move as he signals to drivers that they can go. At the red lights, he greets every pedestrian with "Mornin'!" or "Hello Darlin'!" He salutes bus drivers and other city works and anyone who honks at him to say hi. A great guy!"

Now if only we can find a video of campus celebrities from yesteryear such as "LeeAnh" and "Skeeter" (the "got a quarter guy?")

White Dog: brunch favorite?

White Dog
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How many times did you take your parents here for brunch?

Where else did you take your parents when they came to visit? Leave your response in the comments section below.